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Hoteleria y Turismo en Santa Elena, Santa Elena

  • Salario: A convenir
  • Categoría: Hotelería / Turismo
  • Subcategoría Hoteleria y Turismo
  • Localidad: Santa Elena
  • Activo desde: 08/08/2018 - 00:03:40 am
  • Jornada: Tiempo Completo
  • Tipo de Contrato: Contrato por tiempo indefinido
  • Fecha de Contratación: 11/09/2018
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 1
  • Educación Mínima: Educación Técnico/Profesional
  • Años de Experiencia: 5
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Disponibilidad de viajar: No
  • Disponibilidad de cambio de residencia: Si

Ensure that the operation works profitably and efficiently, while delivering the Selina experience and brand to our guests, staff and neighbors. Direct supervisor for all functions at location level.
1. Actively participate in the recruitment of all location staff.
2. Support all pre-opening activities, including overseeing the pre-opening training.
3. Work closely with site managers and pre opening team managing property checklist and ensuring timely completion of tasks.
4. Manage and mentor the managers in the location, train them and provide consistent feedback, guidance and support.
5. Responsible for the monthly inventory ( assets of the Location).
6. Follow all the protocols established in the Operations book. Be vocal in proposing improvements to our processes, search for solutions and have an innovative approach to running the business profitably.
7. Monitor expenses and efficiency in all departments, especially labor and food cost.
8. Personally approve any and all expenses and payments to be done for and by the location (from at-site expenses, to monthly payroll).
9. Manage the location cash with highest standards of responsibility
10. Maintain a healthy and happy relationships with other businesses and neighbors in the area
11. Manage the entire staff of the location and handle interior Human Resource issues with support from the location HR and Accounting Supervisor or the Country HR generalist.
12. Ensures compliance of all managers with goal-oriented job descriptions and reviews goals with each individual
13. Keep the location running and operating at all times to the highest standards and according to the company brand and values
14. Maintain a happy, responsible and hard working team.
15. Manage and execute all the events in the locations, making sure there is enough stock and good service for the customers.
16. Monitor schedules of all departments and ensure labor efficiency
17. Supervise maintenance and cleanliness of the property.
18. Ensure safety and safe use of all facilities in the location both by employees and of the clients
19. Develop and implement annual budgets and business plans
20. Influence and Support the sales, marketing and revenue management efforts of the property to maximize revenue.
21. Manages FF&E Reserve and/or follows Capital request process to perform capital maintenance and repair projects as needed.
22. Monitors review pro, responds appropriately, executes action plans to correct issues.
23. Plays active role in community through affiliation with community organizations to promote and maintain positive image for the property and brand
24. Be commercially savvy in exploring new revenue streams

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Localizada en Santa Elena, Santa Elena.
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